Yahoo! Go gets hardwired into HTC phones

Yahoo! Go gets hardwired into HTC phones You all know of HTC – they manufacture the majority of the Windows Mobile handsets on the market and they’re rebadged by networks and shops. They’ve just annouced a deal to include Yahoo! services, including Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 and Yahoo! Mail pre-loaded on many of HTC’s smart devices. This move may upset Microsoft, who are adding Windows Live – a competing product -into Windows Mobile 6.

This live demo shows the innovative carousel navigation experience selecting updated internet content. You can search, check sports, finance, weather, entertainment news, email and more. Try it out yourself right now – just go to this Yahoo! Go page and grab the relevant download for your handset. Let us know what you think of this by adding your comments below.

Links – Yahoo! / HTC Press ReleaseLive demoDownload Yahoo! Go