T-Mobile Ameo gets reviewed

T Mobile Ameo gets reviewed msmobiles.com have a review of the new T-Mobile Ameo online with video, pictures and a look at the VGA output on a massive LCD screen.

Lutz Haedrich has the details, which shows the innovative VueFLO in action – allowing the user to merely tilt the device to scroll up and down webpages. This rather chunky device – also known as the HTC Advantage X7500 has some nicely understated T-Mobile branding and attaches to the keyboard with a magic magnet. The specifications are pretty astounding and, although it’s running Windows Mobile 5.0 (as apposed to 6), there’s a 624 Mhz CPU, 8Gb internal HD, WiFi, 640×480 screen and loads more.

Link – msmobiles.com