o2 Graphite about to hit UK shops

o2 Graphite about to hit UK shops Remember that o2 Graphite Smartphone we mentioned? Well, word is that dummy models of this phone have started appearing in o2 shops. The handset, which has already been featured on the seeo2.com website has WiFi, Bluetooth, triband GPRS, MicroSD card slot and a speedy 416 Mhz Intel XScale CPU. Running Windows Mobile 5.0 it’s also apparently got 3G capability because of the dual cameras – a 2 megapixel at the rear and a VGA at the front for video calls.

Hopefully we’ll see the real deal turn up, along with the o2 XDA Zinc which has been sat here on the “Coming Soon” pages at o2.co.uk for several months.

Credit – Jason Hills