Sky Remote Record – Still no Windows Mobile fun

Sky Remote Record   Still no Windows Mobile fun You may remember us mentioning Sky Remote Record – it’s a way to set your Sky+ PVR (Personal Video Recorder) from your phone. Many phones are compatible with the system and have software that lets you browse channels and record your favourite shows. Unfortunately though there was no sign of a Windows Mobile client and, although we tried several Java versions, it was all in veign.

At last, Sky Remote Record is now available to use via the web. The only down side, unfortunately, is that a Windows Mobile is still left out in the cold. Even if you do install the mobile version of Flash to get the TV Listings showing on your phone there’s no way of logging in, so it’s still not possible to remotely set your Sky+ or Sky HD box with a Windows Mobile unless your use the text messaging system or the Slingbox. Humph 🙁

Still, at least now Sky have made it possible for you to record TV shows onto your home Sky+ box from anywhere with a web connection. No longer will I miss those random showings of Car Wars! 🙂

Link – Sky Remote Record (Thanks to Jonlad in the forums for the tip!)