Orange UK makes it official – SPV M700 and HTC S310

Orange UK makes it official   SPV M700 and HTC S310 Orange have just officially announced their new baby – the SPV M700. Finally those GPS rumours have been nailed – yes, it does absolutely, positively, definitely has GPS built-in. 🙂

Running on Windows Mobile® 5.0 it follows the recent launch of the HTC S310 last week (although I can’t find it on on their site as yet) which (according to Orange) will be the first Orange Windows Mobile on Pay As You Go and should include that magic SIM+ with integral memory. We think that this should probably read “the first Windows Mobile on Pay As You Go only“, as other Orange Smartphones have been on PAYG previously.

Regular readers should know quite a bit about the M700 by now – it’s got 3G connectivity, EDGE, UMTS, GPRS and WiFi. There’s the Windows Mobile Office suite and a 2 megapixel camera plus the usual bluetooth and touch-screen goodness. But wait – if you’re promoting a new handset with GPS built-in, surely it’d be a good idea to mention it ? We find it strange that the on-board sat-nav isn’t even mentioned on the feature list at

Read on for the full press release.

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– SPV M700 – the high performance pocket PC with integrated sat nav
– Follows launch of HTC S310 – the first Pay As You Go smartphone from Orange

London, 27 February 2007
– Today Orange announced the launch of the high performance and sleek SPV M700, perfect if you’re in search of a phone to help you work faster and more efficiently when you’re away from your desk. The SPV M700 offers Microsoft® Windows Mobile® 5.0 applications and incorporates Satellite Navigation so that you can always find your meeting venue in time. This follows the launch of the HTC S310 last week – the first Orange Pay As You Go smartphone.

The SPV M700 offers push email and enables high speed connectivity to information with 3G, which gives download speeds of up to 1.8Mbps where network support is available. The SPV M700 supports Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word and PowerPoint, helping you to create and make last minute updates to documents whether you’re on the train or at home. The SPV M700 also supports EDGE networks as well as UMTS, GPRS and WiFi.

The M700 features a 2-megapixel camera allowing you to take high quality photos and videos as well as make calls via video conferencing. The M700 can even be used as a modem, by connecting it to your laptop with the USB cable.

The launch of the SPV M700 follows the recent announcement of the HTC S310, the first Orange Pay As You Go smartphone. This phone has been developed for people who love the freedom and control of a Pay As You Go but want a smarter phone that allows them to synchronize their work and personal life smoothly.

With its combination of music, video, pictures and internet on the go, the smart yet simple HTC S310 with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 is ideal for personal use, yet it’s also great for day to day business needs. The HTC S310 allows you to synchronize contacts, calendar and emails and get instant access to important information while on the move.

Whether viewing photographs taken with its 1.3 mega-pixel camera or reading an email attachment, the compact HTC S310’s generous 2” LCD screen and sleek keypad makes it a pleasure to use and easy to navigate.

The SPV M700 is available from Orange stores and and is free on contracts over £35. The HTC S310 is also available from Orange shops and and costs £249.99

The SPV M700 is also available from free on business tariffs and business customers with also benefit from a free trial of Orange Sat Nav. The download provides customers with a free 7-day trial license, with the option of a lifetime license for just £95