Didiom – Browse, listen and download music… anywhere

Didiom   Browse, listen and download music... anywhere This is Didiom or “DIgital DIstribution Of Music”. It’s a free application which provides a fun way to search, sample, buy and download music on your mobile.

I’ve just given it a try – although my phone wasn’t shown on their site (I’m using the Orange SPV C600), I downloaded the T-Mobile SDA version and it worked fine. If your phone isn’t listed either then, as a general rule-of-thumb, you should use the SDA version if you’ve got a portrait-screen Smartphone, the MDA version if you’ve got a Pocket PC and the “Q” version if you’ve got a widescreen Smartphone. The interface is incredibly slick and, although there’s not much in the way of popular music, it certainly has a very smooth shopping and browsing experience with previews, album art and more. You can also place bids for the music you want and share individual song picks with other friends and family.

Link – Didiom.com