Parrot Boombox – Banging Bluetooth sounds

Parrot Boombox   Banging Bluetooth sounds New Windows Mobile handsets are now appearing with stereo Bluetooth functionality, also known as “A2DP”. This technology allows stereo audio streaming over a Bluetooth connection, which is great when you’re out and about with your wireless headphones. But wait, what happens when you get home and you want to annoy the neighbours by playing your music loud ? Meet the Parrot Boombox, a 60W digital amplifier with three independent drivers for excellent audio quality.

The Boombox allows any Bluetooth A2DP stereo source, but as a bonus you can also plug analogue audio devices in via the RCA jack and it will automatically detect the source.

Get more information and specs on the Parrot Boombox here. Unfortunately the lovely lady isn’t part of the deal.

Link – Parrot Boombox