T3 Confused? Windows Mobile vs iPhone

T3 Confused? Windows Mobile vs iPhone All-around top bloke Eden Dwek has just spotted this T3 article entitled “Why an Apple iPhone is better than a Windows Mobile device”. The story itself is almost a wonderful work of fiction, with several innacurate comparisons to Windows Mobile handsets. T3 state ..

“Want to match the iPhone’s super-simple file management system? That’ll be $25 please. Apps like Virtual Explorer make files more manageable on Windows Mobile devices, something iPhone does without even thinking.”

Eh? What about the File Manager which is present in pretty much every Windows Mobile? Plus, there’s excellent Shareware apps like SmartExplorer which only cost around $8.99 – and that’s if you decide to register. But wait, it goes on…

“Apple’s integrated file syncing means you don’t have to shell out for backup software either, something that’ll set Windows Mobile users back another $20 or so”

Strange… you can already sync files with Microsoft ActiveSync. It’s annoying to see articles like this that form part of a highly successful magazine, especially when they’re so wrong. 🙁 What are your thoughts?

Link – T3 Magazine Article