3GSM: i-Mate 7150 Pictured

3GSM: i Mate 7150 Pictured Earlier this week we heard about the new i-Mate Ultimate range – a group of high-end phones with different form factors to suit your needs. We i-Mate 5150 but mobilmania.sk have managed to grab a look at the bigger i-Mate 7150, with Windows Mobile 6, 520Mhz SPU, VGA screen, WiFi and tri-band 3G.

Like the HTC Universal, this handset flips, rotates and folds in a phone has a second display on the front and is a similar gold colour. It’ll come with a massive 256Mb ROM and 128Mb RAM, FM radio and 2 megapixel camera. You can see lots of shots of this new device here at mobilmania

Link – mobilmania.sk