Orange M700 – An early bird has caught the worm!

Orange M700   An early bird has caught the worm! Have you tried our forum yet ? If not, give it a bash, there’s stacks of people all ready to help out and we never sell or distribute your email address! Pickett has just posted this item because he’s managed to get his grubby mitts on an Orange SPV M700. The lucky begger :) He says…

“OK, I’m a business user and got it from Orange Business Services and not the High Street shop..

Yes it’s white. Yes it does have GPS. Yes I’ve got my hands on one!”

He’s got Orange SatNav running and he’s taken this picture of it sat next to his M600. Do you have a question for him? Want to know something ? Just reply to this post!
EDIT – Blimey, it’s sold out on the Orange Shop website already! (Thanks Nick Butcher)

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