Widsets – iPhone-esque widgets on your Windows Mobile

Widsets   iPhone esque widgets on your Windows Mobile Last week we ran a story showing a video battle between Windows Mobile and the iPhone. In the end Windows Mobile was declared the winner, but wait – what was that funky widget thing ? It looked almost as if Yahoo! widgets or Vista had fell onto a Windows Mobile.

Thanks to some excellent detective work by Nick Butcher we now know it to be Widsets, a Java application which runs on your MIDlet Manager. Wait – don’t turn off just yet (Java hasn’t really took off with Windows Mobile users) – because it’s actually quite good. Imagine all your favourite web content – RSS feeds, blogs, games, wikipedia, flickr in a slidable outer-space-style desktop and you’re almost there.

Browse to their site, log in, grab the Java midlet and then access your control panel online and start dropping in the content you want. It’s all very Web 2.0 and there’s people creating widgets all the time, plus you can even create your own with the “Studio” function. Why isn’t there a non-Java version of this? It’s pretty excellent.

Link – widsets.com – Read on for more screenshots.

Widsets   iPhone esque widgets on your Windows Mobile Widsets   iPhone esque widgets on your Windows Mobile