Dopod U1000 Video Review

Dopod U1000 Video Review have got several articles on the new Dopod U1000. This device already has many names and you may have heard it called the HTC Athena / HTC x7500 / T-Mobile Ameo. It’s got a 624Mhz Intel Bulverde CPU, although it seems to be restricted a little by the 128MB RAM. There’s also a “VueFLO” motion sensor which lets you move the screen up and down merely by tilting the device when browsing in the Opera Browser and Internet Explorer.

For the spec-heads you can expect GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz connectivity with UMTS 850/1900/2100MHz. There’s also GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSDPA and WiFi 802.11b/g. The screen is 640×480 pixels and there’s two cameras – a 3 megapixel and a VGA one for video calls. It also benefits from A2DP Bluetooth 2.0, built-in GPS, stereo speakers, VGA TV output and even an industry-standard 3.5mm audio jack! 🙂 have review the handset, which isn’t in English but the pictures are worth a thousand words. To see the full review click here and then use the drop-down at the bottom of the page to move through the article which is labelled “01. …”. have also produced some video footage of the device too including this video showing the keyboard in use and making a call, this vid showing the video calling capabilities and Windows Media Player in action. There’s also more videos below, including the keyboard attachment mechanism.

Things were going well until we saw this photo ….. Oooooffff.

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Voice Call

Video Calling

Windows Media Player

Keyboard attach / removal

More keyboard use