True Connect 2.0 Now Available

True Connect 2.0 Now Available Mike Shire has just emailed to remind me of an excellent piece of software called True Connect. We last covered this when it was at version 1.1, however it’s now at version 2.0 and 2.1 is right around the corner to provide text messaging integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Put simply True Connect will let you directly control your mobile device simply by moving your mouse pointer off the side of your PC monitor. It’ll then let you control all aspects of the device including entering text for quick emailing, texting, browsing or data entry into forms.

It’s all good, but we want the True Connect boys to toot their horns a bit more about this software. Come on lads! What’s happened to your news section?

Link – True Connect 2.0 (Free Trial, True Connect Lite $14.99, True Connect Pro $29.99)