HTC Ready the X7500

HTC Ready the X7500 We’re getting to like HTC, their viral advertisements are a little mental and we’re now totally converted when it comes to the new HTC X7500. It is, as Megachip and CD-ROM say, a lot smaller than we thought.

Here they are during their mission steal an X7500 from the HTC offices in London. It all starts here in episode 1 with them starting their mission from the back of an Astra. They manage to grab the stunning new handset using a stolen security pass and then bring it back for a good look. Unfortunately their mate isn’t too happy when he finds out that they’ve used his security pass and calls them up (via Orange 3G) to give them a rollocking.

Why go to all these lengths? Well, HTC wouldn’t let them have a product review, so they stole it and YouTube’d the results. 😉 Let’s hope we don’t have to do the same eh? 😉

Links – Episode 1Episode 2Episode