? ? Having a Windows Mobile Phone can be confusing enough. If your mates ask you, “What phone do you have?”, you’ll usually end up saying something like, “It’s an Orange SPV C600 Smartphone”

Their eyes will probably glaze over and you’ll spend the next 10 minutes explaining that no, Nokia don’t make it and no it’s not actually made by Orange. Anyhow, according to you’ll be getting a whole new world of things to explain soon.

Say goodbye to Smartphone, Pocket PC (Phone Edition) and Pocket PC. Instead say hello to a Vista-esque naming convention. People may believe that anything coded for Windows Mobile 6 will work on every Windows Mobile 6 device, but in reality there still needs to be some differentiation between the various types of handset systems. The result is as follows…

– Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone will become “Windows Mobile 6 Standard”

– Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition will become “Windows Mobile 6 Professional”

– Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC will become “Windows Mobile 6 Classic”

What do you guys think of this ? It effectively means that “Classic” devices will have touchscreens, whereas “Standard” ones won’t, yet “Professional” ones will. Also it means that in theory we should change our name to “”, but that’s just insane. 🙂 Maybe we’ll have to go with instead.

What do you think ? I’m still struggling to understand the Vista versions. What do you guys think of the new Windows Mobile 6 naming convention?

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