HTC S310 to replace the upcoming SPV C100 on Orange UK

HTC S310 to replace the upcoming SPV C100 on Orange UK Orange recently launched the SPV C100 in Romania. It’s an Orange branded version of the HTC Oxygen. Here it is with all the Orange gubbins.

OK, now forget all that, because things have gone a little weird. The commercial arm of HTC sell this the HTC S310 and somehow it’s now appeared in the February edition of the Orange UK catalogue as just that – not the C100 we were expecting.

Meh? That’s a bit weird. Are Orange about to drop their SPV range ? Why release the HTC version of the phone when Orange Romania are already peddling the branded SPV C100 ? Confused? We definitely are. We can only guess that, perhaps, Orange intend to start selling the original HTC handsets in future in the same way that every network sells a Nokia or LG handset. Either that or it’s a mistake by the catalogue guys?

Link – Full scan from Orange February Catalogue
Credit – Johnny De’Silva

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