Vodafone VPA Compact GPS

Vodafone VPA Compact GPS Back in August last year we told you that the HTC Trinity and the HTC Artemis both definitely had GPS on board. Then we found out that the Trinity might not, but then we were told it definitely would have GPS on-board. Confused? Well, we then heard about the Orange SPV M700 (aka Trinity) and there appears to be a distinct lack of GPS functionality.

To make things even more confusing two variants of the Artemis appeared – an o2 XDA Orbit with GPS and WiFi, but a T-Mobile MDA Compact III with GPS but without WiFi. What was going on? Hardware changes or simply a different ROM version which enabled or disabled the WiFi?

Fast forward to today and Vodafone announce the VPA Compact GPS ….yes, you read that correctly – it has satnav. We must assume than that it is purely up to the operator to decide whether to include it in the ROM. If you want to unlock that functionality and re-flash your HTC Trinity with a ROM which includes the GPS facility then you’ll need this imei-check webpage, however it’s purely at your own risk.

Links – Vodafone VPA Compact GPS (Germany)Imei-Check.co.uk (Unlock your Trinity)