VDA IV Available at Vodafone Germany

VDA IV Available at Vodafone Germany You may remember our our earlier story on a Vodafone handset called the v1210 being released in Portugal. It’s now also available in Germany here as the VDA IV. We were first to tell you of this handset along with its 3G capabilities which make it an ideal solution for those wanting a speedy browsing experience in a classic phone form factor.

Although 3G is on-board there’s no camera so video calling is out of the question, obviously pointing at the business market. The VDA IV comes with a 320×240 pixel screen, micro-SD slot and Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone running on a quick 312Mhz CPU.

At this point I’ve got to have a little rant. Remember the Vodafone Treo 750v review we did? Well, although we thought it was possibly one of the best Windows Mobile handsets we’d seen, we had to ask Palm if we could borrow one … and not Vodafone. Why? Well Vodafone UK, after 4 emails and several calls, showed no signs of loaning us one. We couldn’t understand why. Then, last week we put in no less than four calls and two emails to the Vodafone UK Press Office – this time regarding the v1210/VDA IV, but they’ve still not called us back with any details on a UK launch, even though each time a nice lady says, “I will definitely find out and get back to you today either way”. To be honest we’re rather confused – their other European Press Offices are more than happy to get in touch, so we can only assume that the UK team are a little less interested in promoting Vodafone or their own-brand handsets.

Link – VDA IV @ Vodafone Germany