HTC P4350 Reviewed

HTC P4350 Reviewed We’ve been busy beavering away on this rather huge HTC P4350 review of late and it’s now available for your delectation. The P4350, soon to be seen as the Vodafone VPA Compact IV, has a full auto-sliding QWERTY keyboard and comes complete with both Adobe PDF reader and the Mobile Office suite. It’s got in-built WiFi and a 2 megapixel camera plus it’s thinner than it’s competitors and has quad-band / EDGE capability.

For the uninitiated, HTC Europe retail these phones network free – you simply pay for the phone and then stick it on whatever network you feel. The HTC P4350 should prove popular with both the business community and mobile e-mail / messaging fans. This is a sleek phone-sized device which will let you work easily and quickly on the move. Our review contains the usual mix of photos, screen shots, up-close images and the usual in-depth exploration of the device.

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