Apple iPhone slides into play

Apple iPhone slides into play Here it is, the new Vista phone from Microsoft… Oh.. wait.. Sorry, it’s the Apple iPhone. 😉 It’ll come with just one hardware button, which we presume is the power, and a multi-touch screen. It runs on OS X and there’s WiFi 802.11b/g, iTunes syncing, a 320×480 screen, 2 megapixel camera, accelerometer and either a 4Gb or 8Gb HD on board.

The phone also comes with Bluetooth, video playback and interesting tweaks such as turning the screen off when it’s near your head. The usual battery worries have been raised (following the whole iPod debate) but Apple reckon you’ll get 5 hours talk time and and up to 16 hours audio. It comes with a web browser (Safari), and HTML email via POP3 or IMAP – plus they intend to partner with Yahoo and Google on content and push email facilities.

Our thoughts ? Well, we find it strange that there’s no 3G and we’re a little disappointed that a European launch has been pencilled in for the end of this year, however Cingular USA will be launching it in June and people will be going out to buy this despite the fact that it’s pretty expensive. You’ve got to consider that the iPod is expensive when compared to other MP3 players – people still buy them due to the fashion statement and the looks of it. The multi-touch screen is also very interesting, and something that I wish was available on the Pocket PC because dialling numbers on the screen keypad is still slower than it should be.

Say what you will about this device, it’s competition and this will no doubt make others strive to make even better handsets.

UPDATEEngadget have spotted some rather startling similarities between the iPhone and the LG KE850. Coincidence? This could be the start of more problems for Apple after Cisco started a lawsuit over rights to the iPhone name. Also, if your in the USA you can now sign up to get one with Cingular.

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