o2 XDA’s are go, go, go!

o2 XDAs are go, go, go! All-round top geezer Johnny De’Silva has just emailed in with some fantastic scans from the o2 UK catalogue. Inside is o2’s XDA Orbit and you could indeed be forgiven for thinking that it’s pretty much the same handset as the T-Mobile MDA Compact III we reviewed. At first glance this does indeed look the same – there’s in-built GPS, 2 megapixel camera, bluetooth and the trackball / wheel combination we love. o2 have, however, put WiFi in this device – something that T-Mobile (for some strange reason, despite all their WiFi hotspots) have left out. The o2 variant also comes with CoPilot software free on selected packages, so it’s definitely worth a look – even without the 3G capability.

The o2 XDA Graphite Smartphone is now also available. Huzzar! A Smartphone at last! Just when you thought there was a serious Smartphone drought here in the UK up pops the Samsung i320 on Voda (revealed first here) and now the o2 XDA Graphite is selling for £99.99 on any tariff up to £20 or free on any tariff above that. This baby comes with a 2 megapixel camera, bluetooth and WiFi. Hurray for WiFi!

More pictures below.

Credit – Johnny De’Silva

o2 XDAs are go, go, go!

o2 XDAs are go, go, go!

o2 XDAs are go, go, go!
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