Mobile Armband Carrier now available

Mobile Armband Carrier now available After consuming mountains of food over Christmas and New Year you’re probably now looking for a way to get fit. Sure, you could sit at home and watch those “keep fit videos” your wife found in your drawer, or you could go outside into the big wide world and run instead. Whilst you’re out running or doing any other activity you’ll obviously need somewhere to store your phone. Putting it in your pocket can, at times, be a little uncomfortable and may cause embarrassing chafing which is hard to explain to your wife, especially after that whole “no, they’re quite clearly not fitness videos” incident.

Tunebelt have this armband solution which is made from lightweight, comfortable neoprene – that’s the stuff they make wet suits from. It fits both smartphones and other Windows Mobile devices and offers both a convenient and secure way to move your mobile around. It’s washable too, so you can clean that sweaty smell away after a hard day at work or jogging up a hill.

Link – ($19.99, with International stockists here)