Emoze – Setup push-email the easy way

Emoze   Setup push email the easy way Push email on Windows Mobile is fantastic. Any email arriving to your Windows Exchange Server will be instantly sent to your phone. Contacts, meetings and more will be instantly synchronised – nobody will ever know that you’re actually replying to an email in the pub and not from the office. Setting it up, however, can be a bit tricky unless you’ve an IT wizard knocking about to configure your Exchange Server correctly.

Emoze is now available to make the whole thing a lot easier. For a start it’s free, which is always good. It works by using a client on your PC which will synchronise everything on your desktop Outlook with your Mobile Device via a connector on your phone and the Emoze global network. The setup is quick and easy – just choose your device and sign up. The system appears to work well from what I’ve seen. We’d love to hear your feedback on this system though, so post your thoughts and experiences !

Link – Emoze.com