Orneta Notepad Mobile – Free for a limited time

Orneta Notepad Mobile   Free for a limited time I don’t know about you but I’d be completely lost without Notepad on my PC – I use it for making notes, writing articles and stories. It’s simple and easy to use (just like me, some would say). If you’re looking for something similar on your Windows Mobile then look no further than Orneta Notepad Mobile. It’s an award winning text editor which has all the features you’d expect to see on your desktop version. There’s font size and type alteration, copy and paste, find, undo and more.

At the moment – if you’re really quick – you can grab Orneta Notepad Mobile for absolutely nothing following their rebate offer. Well, what are you waiting for ? Be quick! This offer expires on New Years Eve so be quick. It’s available for all flavours of Windows Mobile and it’s FREE! Go! Go! Go!

Link – Orneta Notepad Mobile