K-Rally Blasts onto Windows Mobile

K Rally Blasts onto Windows Mobile Check this out. You’re looking at K-Rally. This amazing 3D top-down racing game has astounded all those who’ve played it. PocketGamer says of this game…

“There is just no comparison: K-Rally simply blasts them both away in almost every respect. K-Rally is by far the best Pocket PC game released in 2006.”

Although there’s no demo version of this game we’d definitely recommend spending £7.64 (around $14.95). Your car comes packed with mines, rockets and there’s upgrades available on the way. Force your opponents to spin and crash whilst you fire on them with your weapons, then take the prize money and progress to the next level of competition for more fire action. There’s 10 upgradable cars, 14 characters, mines, rockets, shop, garage, armory, random track generator and there’s downloadable content (such as new graphics, tracks, cars etc).

UPDATE – See it in action below!

Link – K-Rally

Here’s some video of the game in action!