TomTom on the MDA Compact III?

TomTom on the MDA Compact III? I’ve had quite a few emails and there’s already been some questions in the forum about this. Let’s imagine the scene – you’ve had a Pocket PC for a while and you’ve gone out and purchased TomTom for it. Then, some months later, you upgrade to the T-Mobile MDA Compact III with in-built GPS. Sure, you can have sat-nav software like CoPilot with the device but you’ve got used to TomTom and you want it on the device instead.

How? Well, I was having a fiddle around last night and found that CoPilot uses COM4 at a baud rate of 9600 to connect to the internal GPS. In theory then, if you have this device and want to put TomTom on it, setting it to COM4 / 9600bps should work. Has anybody tried? Let us know your experiences!