T-Mobile MDA Compact III with CoPilot 6 – First thoughts

T Mobile MDA Compact III with CoPilot 6   First thoughts Wehay! Look what arrived this morning (larger picture here). It’s a T-Mobile MDA Compact III along with CoPilot Live 6 ! Strictly speaking this is actually my work phone, but I did “encourage” them to go with Windows Mobile handsets so there’s now an assortment of MDA Vario II’s and still some I’s dotted around too. The benefits? For a start there’s the excellent data plans from T-Mobile meaning that my Exchange server connection keeps me in touch with the office (calendar, contacts, tasks and email) and then we’ve got the in-built GPS which, when coupled with CoPilot, is amazing.

I’ve just spent literally 5 minutes setting CoPilot up – I can now navigate and I can setup access to an online map showing me exactly where the device is. You can even set 5-second updates! Sure, it may seem a bit “big brother”-ish however these are the services that will sell this phone. If you’re in charge of comms for a company then I’d urge you to seriously consider this handset (or the o2 version) – CoPilot and the on-board GPS will let you instantly see where your entire mobile workforce are and they’ll be able to connect to the office with ease.

Review coming soon on this one. First thoughts? The trackball is cool, although slightly fiddly when switching accounts (left/right in messaging) and the wheel is great too. Do you have one? What are your thoughts?

Link – T-Mobile MDA Compact III (Shop link)