Glyph – gorgeous puzzler from Astraware

Glyph   gorgeous puzzler from Astraware I’m sorry, but if any other company in the UK sends me a press release that says, “Happy Holidays” or “Out in time for the Holidays”, I think I’m going to go insane. I don’t know of anybody I’ve ever met who is offended by me saying, “Merry Christmas” or “Christmas time” etc so why are we in the UK suddenly adopting this “Happy Holidays” stuff? It’s Christmas ! (I’ll save the rant – you can read my thoughts here in the blog). Anyhoo.. where was I? Ah yes, Astraware have just released possibly the most beautiful puzzle game in the planet – Glyph.

In Glyph you must save the world of Kuros by reassembling ancient glyphs hidden beneath layers of rock and glistening stones. You must clear groups of like-coloured gemstones to break layers of rock and reveal the glyphs. It’s another one of Astraware’s mega-addictive games and you can choose between Quest mode (125 levels) or the simpler Action mode with 100 levels.

As usual with Astraware there’s full compatibilty and full-screen action across the Windows Mobile platform and you can bag it for $19.95 with a special release discount for Club Astraware members.

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