Meltdown – Simple, addictive and fun!

Meltdown   Simple, addictive and fun! With all these dark, wet, windy days we need something to cheer us all up. How about a new game? The guys at Momentum Games have been busy working on a new hit since the release of their Pocket Mini Golf 2 smash. Here it is – Meltdown. Trust me, this will keep you addicted for hours and is guaranteed to banish the winter blues!

There’s a simple one-button control system and comes with not one, not two but 90 levels!! You play Emgee – the nuclear power stations’ safety control robot. But there’s a problem – your navigation systems have malfunctioned and bouncing into the walls is your only way to change direction. You must use only your super powerful spring loaded jump and jet pack to ensure that the power station is kept safe.

This is a crackin’ game – you can play it with just one button so it’s an ideal sanity pill when you’re getting dragged around trying to find a Christmas present for Aunty Maud. It’ll also work full-screen on all Smartphone variants, including QVGA etc etc. It only costs £8.08 ($15.95) plus you can download a trial version too. This is exclusive to our shop, so get yourself an early Christmas present now! 🙂

Link – Meltdown