iTheater Glasses – TV without the TV!

iTheater Glasses   TV without the TV! I love – it’s a great place for getting Christmas gifts. Right now they have these rather cool glasses that show your favourite film on miniture TFT screens. It’s apparently like watching a 50″ screen from a distance of 8.5ft and it comes with headphones too so it creates (let me just pick up their marketting gumph)… “a fully immersive audiovisual assault”.

Sure, you’re going to look like a plonker wearing them, and I’d worry if I saw someone trying to make their way to the shops with them on, however they’re very portable and easy to use. They may prove especially useful for frequent travellers or any business person stuck in a hotel on a weekly basis with nothing but the hotel TV for company.

Link – iTheater (£149.95)