o2 XDA Orbit now available for all customers

o2 XDA Orbit now available for all customers Crumbs! It’s December 1st! Soon it’ll be that time of year when I’ll be eating turkey and getting more drunk than usual. So, it’s time to think about Christmas presents and top of the list for many people is a sat-nav system like TomTom etc. A lot of people have these – some cost more than the cars they’re stuck in, so why not get a phone and sat-nav system all-in-one? Well, following our earlier story we’re now happy to report that the o2 XDA Orbit is now available to ALL customers, not just business users.

The Orbit can be seen here in the normal shop area. It comes with WiFi, 2 Megapixel camera, FM Radio and built-in GPS but, best of all, you get FREE SatNav software from CoPilot. So why pay hundreds for a sat-nav that’ll probably get stolen if you leave it in the car? This is the multi-purpose device that you’ll always want to carry around this Christmas – it’ll even tell you how to walk home from the pub if you get too drunk! 🙂

Link – o2 XDA Orbit