XDA Zinc Coming Soon to o2 UK

XDA Zinc Coming Soon to o2 UK We were first to tell you about the availability of the o2 XDA Orbit the other day. This, of course, means that there’s room for new handsets on o2’s “coming soon” page .. well, lookie here! It’s none other than the o2 XDA Zinc with it’s Intel PXA270 520 Mhz CPU, 802.11b/g WiFi, QWERTY slide-out keyboard, Bluetooth V2.0 and 2 megapixel camera!

As you’ll know already (because we’ve already published the manual etc) it’s got single-band 3G, so roaming could be tricky if you want a quick internet connection, however we doubt anyone will want to download lots of data whilst abroad because it costs .. like.. a million pounds. This is a promising looking handset that we’d love to get our sweaty little mitts on. 🙂

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Credit – Paul Rhodes