Live radio on your Windows Mobile

Live radio on your Windows Mobile Here in the UK we’ve got a fairly unique setup with TV and radio. There’s a huge amount of commercial TV and radio stations but, if you have a TV or radio you have to buy a TV / Radio licence. The money from this goes to fund the BBC, with channels like BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, CBBC and radio stations like Radio 1, Radio 2 plus local radio stations too. There’s never any adverts and they broadcast on the internet, satellite, FM, DAB and various other methods including “listen again” and podcasts.

Just recently they’ve started to include Windows Media streams for their live broadcasts (it was RealPlayer previously) which is great news for us Windows Mobile users. On the following page you’ll find links to some of the major BBC radio stations – I’ve included this on our mobile version of this site at so you can simply browse there and listen to then via your WiFi connection (if you have it), 3G or possibly even GPRS / EDGE if you have a good data plan.

Credit – wazzer75

Here’s some direct links to the most popular BBC radio stations. These are locked to UK IP addresses only due to the fact that UK residents fund the BBC. Sorry! However, do feel to add your own links to this story!

Radio 1 – Listen Live

1Xtra – Listen Live

Radio 2 – Listen Live

Radio 3 – Listen Live

Radio 4 FM – Listen Live

Radio 4 LW – Listen Live

Radio 5 – Listen Live

5 Live Sports Extra – Listen Live

6 Music – Listen Live

BBC 7 – Listen Live

BBC World Service – Listen Live

Asian Network – Listen Live