TinyTube.net – The place for mobile YouTube vids

TinyTube.net   The place for mobile YouTube vids TinyTube.net continues to get better and better. They’ve now made it even easier to find, send and watch your fave YouTube videos on your mobile. Take, for example, this YouTube video. Notice the URL – it’s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCLYGoM1GrU. Now, if you’d like to watch that on your mobile all you need to do is type http://tinytube.net/watch/RCLYGoM1GrU into the address bar. Just copy the “RCLYGoM1GrU” bit and stick it on the end of http://tinytube.net/watch/ – this can then be used or forwarded to any mobile user via text or email as the address to get the video.

TinyTube fill a very important “gap” that other sites such as Google video have already plugged – being able to convert the Flash-based videos into 3GP format for viewing on mobile devices. TinyTube.net have now added an “SMS this video to a friend” feature for the USA with plans to roll out elsewhere soon.

We love TinyTube.net – it’s a fantastically useful way of generating universally compatible YouTube videos. Try it out now!

Link – TinyTube.net