DVD to Pocket PC – New faster version available

DVD to Pocket PC   New faster version available We’ve mentioned DVD to mobile several times here at CoolSmartphone. It’s a great piece of kit that runs on your PC and will squash down your DVD’s into a format and size which will fit on your phone. Makayama have now released a new version for Pocket PC which is 20% quicker than before and now lets you convert not just DVD’s but home movies, downloaded films and TV-series too. Heck, it’ll even let you convert YouTube videos and it’ll tell you exactly how large the file will be before it’s finished.

Version 4.0 of DVD to Pocket PC lets you quickly convert your video in just two clicks and adds support for DVR-MS files, the video format used in Windows Media Center. This means that Media Center customers can convert recorded TV programmes to view on the move. Nice!

In theory this should provide suitable video files for the Smartphone too, so it’s just a matter of converting and then copying to your storage card.

Link – DVD to Pocket PC