Sorry guys – the Orange SPV C700 is no more

Sorry guys   the Orange SPV C700 is no more Well, although we could almost see it coming, it looks like the Orange SPV C700 has finally hit the buffers. We mentioned the battery problems that plagued the handset during testing, however there was a continual glimmer of hope as it popped up in Orange catalogues and literature.

Unfortunately it’s all gone Pete Tong for the C700. We’ve had “unofficial offical details” which state..

“..the SPV C700 will not be released onto the Orange range range as, after several months of testing, it did not meet our technical requirements. The main issue was battery life, which considered insufficient to give a satisfactory user experience..”

We’ve heard on the grapevine that battery life was especially poor when the 3G data connection was used for any length of time. Our opinion ? Well, it’s probably for the best. We’d hate to see something put into shops which isn’t up to scratch, although we’re disappointed that HTC couldn’t sort the issue out.