Mobile Networks roll out new ideas

Mobile Networks roll out new ideas I have several “industry” newspapers and magazines delivered weekly for both my work and website activities. One article that caught my interest recently is this Mobility Today interview with T-Mobile manager Jay Saw. The whole mobile picture is shifting at the moment. Networks like Orange are no longer “just” a mobile network – now they can do your home ADSL connection and more. Three are sailing new seas too – their X Series allow free calls to Skype users, free IM, unlimited internet surfing, TV and your PC on the move – everything you need, anywhere. So what are T-Mobile up to? Well, Jay states..

“Industry watchers have commented that T-Mobile isn’t joining its rivals by having a broadband offering. Well, we do have a broadband offering: it’s wireless. And it’s not because we can, it’s because there is a genuine demand. Our goal is to be the network of choice for anyone wanting internet services or email on the move.”

It’s an interesting article and shows how networks are trying sometimes wildly different avenues in order to meet customers needs.

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