Get two SIM cards in your Windows Mobile. Maybe?

Get two SIM cards in your Windows Mobile. Maybe? Some questions get asked a lot here at CoolSmartphone. One in particular gets asked almost every day, “How do I use two SIM cards in one phone”. You may have seen some batteries for handsets made by Nokia which include a second slot for adding that extra SIM. This is particularly useful for switching networks or numbers quickly and is probably popular with drug dealers and cheating husbands (we’re only joking).

Amongst the huge pile of spam mail today we found this. What you see here involves a bit of scissor-action to get it working, however the guys at.. ahem.. also do dual SIM devices without the need to cut your cards up. This one, for example, lets the second SIM .. err.. dangle from the side of your phone. There’s also other versions which .. umm.. may need a “sponge” to make the connection better. So, will it work with Windows Mobile? Well, according to the FAQ

“Super twinsim card can support GSM mobile. 90 percent mobile can support our super twinsim card. Some mobile brand with little user maybe can’t support it. If your mobile is rare brand, pls let your distributor have a test before you buy the product.”

So we’re none the wiser. If you want to buy one of these then you’ll need to find a distributor. Usually there’s one on your local market, so maybe ask there.

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