Cingular launch the Samsung BlackJack

Cingular launch the Samsung BlackJack Cingular have just announced the launch of the Samsung BlackJack. The wafer-thin GSM Quadband device also comes with dual-band 3G and runs Windows Mobile 5.0 (Smartphone). There’s a scroll-wheel, 1.3 Megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth 2.0 and the QWERTY keyboard for fast email and texting.

The BlackJack (AKA the Samsung SGH-I607) provides exclusive HBO content, push email, a wide-screen high-resolution QVGA screen and access to Cingular Music. Best of all, it should be available in just three days time for as low as $199.99.

We’ve included more pictures and details of the device below. You can also get video and full press release details on the links that follow. Check out this review to help you decide if it’s goodbye BlackBerry, hello BlackJack.

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Cingular launch the Samsung BlackJack

Cingular launch the Samsung BlackJack

Cingular launch the Samsung BlackJack

Cingular, Samsung Have Ace in Hand With Launch of New BlackJack Smart Device

NEW YORK, Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ — Cingular Wireless, Samsung and Microsoft unveiled the BlackJack™, a robust, slim smart device packed with the power and functionality desired by business customers and consumers alike. With the BlackJack™ customers can get rich entertainment features, powerful business applications and the familiar look and feel of Windows Mobile® 5.0, turbo-charged by Cingular’s 3G-enabled BroadbandConnect service in an ultra-sleek design.

The stylish and compact BlackJack™ will be available exclusively from Cingular in the U.S. in mid-November for as low as $199.99. This ultra thin, 3G device features a fully integrated QWERTY keyboard with a large high-resolution QVGA color screen. Built to satisfy everyone from the music fan to the business user, BlackJack™ includes a bevy of cutting edge features:

* MP3 player and access to Cingular Music™, the most comprehensive
music subscription service of its kind ever offered by a U.S. wireless
carrier, including access to online subscription music content from
Napster and Yahoo!

* Cingular Video — Cingular’s on-demand streaming video service
featuring exclusive content such as HBO

* High speed internet browsing over Internet Explorer® optimized for
Cingular’s 3G and EDGE networks

* 1.3 Mega pixel digital camera with video capture capabilities

* Stereo Bluetooth® version 2.0 with stereo headset support

* QWERTY keyboard for fast email and textingIn addition, the BlackJack™ provides users easy wireless access to business and personal email accounts through such solutions as Good Mobile Messaging, Microsoft Push Direct with Pocket Outlook and Cingular Xpress Mail. The BlackJack™ also offers over-the-air synchronization of calendar, contact and to-do lists, access to enterprise applications and superior music, photo and video capabilities.

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