T-Mobile MDA Compact III Now Available!

T Mobile MDA Compact III Now Available! Thanks to Brian for tipping us off on the availability of the T-Mobile MDA Compact III. This is now showing in the Business section of the T-Mobile website here. It’s the same handset you should also see coming soon on o2 UK as the XDA Orbit.

The MDA Compact III comes with in-built GPS and, if you’d like, CoPilot Live 6 satellite navigation and free real-time traffic alerts preinstalled. Now let’s just stop for a minute – this is available from only £59.99 on the Flext 35 tariff. That makes the MDA Compact III is an extremely attractive alternative to the TomTom Go or other SatNav units that currently retail for around £275. You have to ask yourself – why would anyone buy a TomTom Go? If you have a TomTom Go already you’ll know that it needs removing from your car windscreen when you’re parked up to stop some thief making off with it. Who, though, ever leaves their phone in the car? Yes, this is of course a phone and PDA too! There’s a miniature trackball and scroll wheel plus you have the excellent data plans from T-Mobile to ensure that you’re online all the time with push-email and traffic information from TomTom to keep you away from the jams.

The MDA Compact III comes with 128Mb of internal memory, a microSD card slot, 2 Megapixel digital camera with zoom, flash LED and video capture, an MP3 player, FM radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB cable connectivity. Blimey! Get one!

Link – T-Mobile UK

Credit – Brian Franks

UPDATE – Wait a minute, it’s vanished!