Samsung show the SPH-M8100 WiMax handset

Samsung show the SPH M8100 WiMax handset WiMax. What’s it all about eh? Well, it’s a way to deliver the “last mile” and is an alternative to cable and ADSL. Imagine a pumped-up WiFi router and then imagine a few of these routers dotted around in lamposts and signage in your local town. Wait – you’ll need something to connect to it, how about this new SPH-M8100 from Samsung. In theory it’ll let you transfer data at up to 20Mbps whilst in a car doing up to 37mph.

The handset comes with support for VoIP, Video On Demand, RSS feeds and – hey, even voice calls. There’s also Terrestrial DMB and TV-Out. It’ll also act as a modem for your laptop or modem. The Samsung SPH-M1800 comes with a 2 megapixel camera on the back with a face-pointing camera on the front, a slide-down numeric keyboard and a pop-up R2D2-esque aerial.

For more information check this story which has more pictures. We got slightly side-tracked by the girls though. 🙂

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