Motorola Q Norman / Pro comes out of hiding

Motorola Q Norman / Pro comes out of hiding Some Motorola Q news now – meet the Motorola Q Norman. Yes. Norman. Possibly the stangest name for a phone ever, this is a restyled Motorola Q with a new keyboard with larger, flatter keys plus some new shortcut buttons. But wait.. the front of the handset isn’t the whole story – at the back of the handset reveals a Vodafone logo. Hmm.. This seems to indicate a future Vodafone exclusive launch under its funky new design.

The Norman, which is rumoured to become the “Motorola Q Pro” (anything has to be better than saying, “Ohh, I’ve got a Norman in my pocket”) also comes with an uprated camera (2 Megapixels instead of the previous 1.3) a mini USB connector and “latest” Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition. It’ll also apparently have the Motorola “MOTOPRO” Mobility Suite bringing remote device and application management which will let you do stuff like disable the built-in camera.

There’s rumours also that this will be a GSM device giving GPRS, EDGE, UMTS (3G) and HSDPA and, hopefully, WiFi too!

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