Yay! You can actually search our downloads!

Yay! You can actually search our downloads! Regular visitors will probably be aware that the search system in the downloads area has been broken for a while. Last night I decided that it needed fixing, so I went to a mates’ bonfire party and got completely leathered and stopped out until 4.30. Sure, it might not seem like a good way of fixing it, but it worked.

I’ve come back home today and re-coded the whole damn thing (it’s amazing what a large quantity of alcohol and 5 hours sleep will do). So now, finally, you can all search our downloads!

In other news, we’re looking to get more people adding comments into the forum, so get posting – top posters will be receiving prizes! More on this soon 😉 We’ve also finished re-coding the back-end of the site so pages will display faster. Yay for beer, for it is good.

Link – Search our downloads!