Orange Sat Nav now available

Orange Sat Nav now available A new sat-Nav system from Orange has been launched today which can be downloaded onto existing handsets. Seen here on the Orange SPV M600 it’s priced at £150 excluding VAT and includes the software licence, a GPS receiver with in-car charger and a car windshield or fan grid. You’ll then need to download the journey routes over a data connection plus real time traffic information is available for an additional annual charge of £27.59 excluding VAT.

Powered by Webraska, sat-Nav from Orange can be used when walking, cycling or driving. All maps and live traffic updates are held on a central server and are downloadable from the internet via Wifi, 3G, GPRS or the Orange EDGE network onto the mobile device. The maps also hold information on hotels, restaurants, parking and other useful points of interest – even speed cameras. These are clear road maps with pictograms of all turns and are updated every three months so you’ll always be up-to-date. Real-time, turn by turn voice instructions are given and favourite routes can be saved with routes being optimised according to traffic conditions.

Real-time traffic updates and server-side maps ? It sounds great. All we need now is a cheap data plan from Orange. 🙂 Check the link below for more information – you can also take a look at Orange Applications website to find a whole range of business tools for small business customers to help manage every element of their business.

Link – Orange Business