i-Mate SPL Reviewed

i Mate SPL Reviewed i-Mate are well known for their network free phones. They’ve previously re-branded HTC devices and sold them on as the i-Mate JASJAM, SPJAS, JAM etc. However, these handsets are now being sourced from elsewhere and this slim TechFaithWireless device, known as the i-mate SPL, is now under review at MoDaCo.

Costing £249.95 it looks like a mix between a Motorola RAZR and a Rolf Harris Sylophone (ask your Dad). The verdict? Well, Paul reckons..

“You have a device that is a very impressive effort from i-mate. In the current climate where candybar Smartphones are very few in numbers, I’m very pleased to see the arrival of the SPL, and would happily recommend it, so long as you don’t require 3G / EDGE high speed data.”

Link – i-Mate SPL Review