Windows Media Player 11 now available

Windows Media Player 11 now available Andy has justed mailed in about the new Windows Media Player 11 which is now available to download. He’s used it on his Orange SPV c600 and ActiveSync 4.2. He says..

“When I run Windows Media Player now I can syncronise it to my media files just like you can with an iPod/iTunes. The device itself and the memory card show up as different devices and you can choose where you want to upload music to. Pretty awesome.”

The new player brings a deeply integrated music library for both online and offline content, a new and improved interface, better connectivity and more. Give it a try now with your Windows Mobile device and let us know how you got on by commenting below!

Incidentally, it appears that the Orange SPV C600 has started to vanish from the majority of Orange shops, so perhaps the way is being made clear for the C700 ?

Links – Windows Media Player 11ActiveSync 4.2

Edit – It also looks sweet in your web browser – here’s what it looks like whilst listening to