50% off in our software shop

50% off in our software shop I like saving money. If I can get something for less than I’m happy. I’m not happy for long though, as usually the missus comes home with several shopping bags crammed full of new shoes, tops and other expensive items.

Our friends in the software shop have an amazing 50% off deal covering loads of excellent games. They’ve got 50% off My Little Tank, Astrawares’ Sudoku and Bejeweled plus 50% off Sky Force and Moon Child.

What? You want more? Well, how about 50% off Pocket Mini Golf 2 and all the expansion packs! More? You want more? How about 33% off the excellent Broken Sword – Shadow of the Templars ?! Brilliant stuff, and it should help keep you distracted when the wife comes home with a bag full of shopping 🙂 Hurry though! You’ve only got until Friday to grab these deals!