Orange Messenger powered by Windows live

Orange Messenger powered by Windows live Microsoft and Orange yesterday announced the launch a new instant messenger service that lets people communicate across both Orange phones and regular PC’s. It looks like the Orange Messenger software we mentioned earlier will be ditched, and the new “Orange Messenger by Windows Live” could just be a branded version of the existing Windows Live Messenger. “Orange Messenger is dead, long live Orange Messenger?”

Launching in will France this December followed by the UK and Spain in 2007 it will offer a “seamless customer experience” and will be available for download plus built into nine handsets in December, six of which already exist. The key word again is “convergence” and, although not a great deal different to the previous MSN Messenger which came pre-installed on your Smartphone or Pocket PC, it will bring instant messaging to a wider variety of mobile phones.

Link – Orange France