o2 slash roaming charges

o2 slash roaming charges We all know that data costs money. If you’re going to browse whilst on the move then you’d better get the right tariff first. It can also be even more costly when making or receiving voice calls abroad. A simply train ride through the Eurotunnel to France will increase your calling costs dramatically. Plus, if you choose to use data whilst abroad then you’ll probably need to re-mortgage your house to pay for it.

o2 however have stepped in with a new idea. Regular travellers using their “high roamer” tariff will get outgoing calls at just 25p a minute – that’s 70% less than before. Plus they’ve completely removed the cost of receiving calls whilst abroad too. It’ll cost £5 per month for the plan however business can also benefit from a discounted monthly fee of £2.50 if they sign up for a 12-month option. Initially this will only be available for travellers to Spain, which is where most o2 customers go on holiday or to do business. Early next year though o2 will expand the service across 35 countries in Europe.

At last, things are improving, however – if we’re “one united Europe” – why are the majority still paying such a huge amount extra for making a call which isn’t geographically that far away?

Link – BBC News