New Gigabyte handsets on show

New Gigabyte handsets on show Having thr ability to watch live TV on your phone seems to be the “in thing” right now. We’ve just reviewed the Virgin Lobster 700TV and now Gigabyte are showing this g-Smart i200 Pocket PC phone in Asia plus many other cool devices, some even let you record TV while you’re on the move!

This i200 will be launched early next year and has a built-in DVB-H receiver with the possibilty of a DVB-T chip too (this is a tad confusing, basically DVB-T is “Terrestrial transmission” with DVB-H designed for portable devices – more info here). The i200 also has a VGA display, 512MB onboard memory and it should come with Windows Mobile 6.0 (Crossbow) if it’s ready for the launch.

Get the full run-down here at CNet Asia. They all look very nice indeed, but only time will tell if they appear here in Europe or anywhere else outside Asia.

Link – CNet Asia (Via